Important details about equivalence and online application!Recognition of educational or professional qualifications in Germany is carried out through equivalence procedures. Equivalence means determining and recognizing the equivalence of educational or professional qualifications in Germany.
Recognition of educational qualifications in Germany is carried out by the following organisations:
Equivalence for educational qualifications:
The equivalent in Germany of the educational qualifications of foreigners who have received school education in Germany or those who have received school education in a foreign country is determined by the ministries of education of the relevant states. However, applications for equivalence for higher education institutions are made by universities or relevant state ministries.
Equivalence for professional qualifications:

Recognition of a professional qualification in Germany is carried out by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) or the relevant chambers (IHK, HWK, etc.). Applications must generally be submitted in German.
When applying for equivalence, it is necessary to first research which institution is authorized in Germany. Applications are usually made for a certain fee and the process can take a long time.
Equivalence procedures may vary depending on the level of qualification applied for, the country and the profession or branch of education to be used in Germany. However, when applying for a job or deciding to study in Germany, it is important to follow the relevant equivalence procedures.
We can summarize the documents required for equivalence procedures, application procedures and information about the process:

For equivalence procedures, it is first necessary to have a diploma or certificate issued by a recognized institution in Germany in the relevant profession or educational field. This document is very important for people who want to pursue a professional or academic career in Germany.
Equivalence procedures are carried out by recognition centers affiliated with any Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The application process consists of stages such as sending the relevant documents and receiving an evaluation report.
Equivalence applications can be made online or by mail. It usually takes several months for applications to be evaluated and finalized.
Documents required when applying may include the original diploma or certificate, as well as transcripts, school certificates, employment documents, and professional experience documents. Documents may need to be original or notarized.
As a result of the equivalence process, an evaluation report is given to the applicant. This report notes the differences between the applicant's educational or professional experience and educational and professional standards in Germany. As a result of the evaluation, equivalence is given or not.

Equivalence procedures usually have a fee and are paid by the applicant. Fees may vary depending on the institution to which the application is made and the type of transaction.
Recognition procedures in Germany are important not only for German citizens or EU citizens, but also for immigrants from third countries. In this way, it becomes easier for their education and professional experience to be recognized in Germany and to start a career.

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