What is the Importance of CV in Job Application and Visa Processes?

CV is of great importance in the job application and immigration law process because employers evaluate candidates' qualifications, experience, abilities, education and other important job-related information through CV. A CV forms a candidate's first impression and helps employers make important decisions about the candidate. It is important for equivalence and visa applications.

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The 10 most common mistakes in written applications

The most common mistakes in written applications. Even a small mistake will cause your application not to be processed. The aim should be to make as few mistakes as possible or to increase your chances by minimizing the sources of errors.Have your application spell-checked by another person.

1.İmla, üslup ve noktalama hataları 

2.Translations via Google

3.Individual cover letter and CV formats

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Cover / Motivation Letter

Cover letter is important for Employers! You should write briefly why you want to apply and why you are the right candidate, one page at most.Many of us may have difficulty explaining our own qualities, we should not overdo it and only use persuasive sentences.

When writing a motivation letter, you need to think in detail not only about the job or potential employer, but also about yourself. For example, ask yourself questions such as:Why do I want to go to Germany?Why should a potential employer hire me?

These and similar questions should be answered in a motivation letter. When introducing yourself and your special talents, align them with the employer's expectations!

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