Prepare CV

The CV format requested by the HR department in Germany is the EUROPASS CV format, which has been standardized and prescribed in Europe for many years

Briefly, the structure of a CV can be broadly summarized as follows:

1.CV - Should not exceed 2 A4 pages.

2.Descriptions should be short and should not contain unnecessary information.

3.Font size should be easily readable and exotic fonts should not be chosen.

4.It should be taken into account that German HR experts are not very familiar with the Turkish education system and companies in Turkey, so adding brief information about the mentioned schools/companiesIt will be useful.

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Standard CV Format in Germany

The EUROPASS CV format, which has become standard in Europe, is the most frequently used standard format for job applications, especially in Germany. In Germany, a cover letter as well as a professionally prepared CV is also important.In our digital age, applications are sent via e-mail, especially PDF format is used, open forms are not recommended.

The right approach to applying for a job

Depending on how you need to apply, the application formats are of course different. However, two things should always be clear from the documentation:>why you want this position and>what qualifications you have

5 Items to Consider When Preparing a CV

5 items to consider when preparing a CV for Germany can be listed as follows:

1) Your CV must comply with German standards:

When preparing a CV in Germany, it is important that it meets the Europass standard. Your CV should not have a design unique to you. In general, CVs in Germany consist of sections such as personal information, professional experience, education, language and other skills, respectively. Additionally, your CV must be written in German and English. The CV format on is in Europass format.

2) Provide accurate information:

The information in your CV must be accurate and documented. Therefore, include references to verify your information, such as workplaces you have worked at and educational institutions.

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