Under what conditions is family reunification permitted in Germany?

Certain conditions must be met to grant a family reunification permit in Germany.

The conditions are:

1.Residence permit: People living in Germany must first have a residence permit in order to apply for a family reunification permit.

2.Sufficient income: The person applying for a family reunification permit must have a sufficient income in Germany. This income must be sufficient for both the applicant himself and his family members.

3.Housing: Adequate housing must be provided for family members who will stay in Germany. This housing must suit the needs of the family and offer a suitable living space

4.Health insurance: People living in Germany and their family members must have health insurance.

5.Language proficiency: People applying for a family reunification permit in Germany must demonstrate German language proficiency. This is important for them to adapt to living and working life in Germany.

If these conditions are met, the application for family reunification permit may be successful. However, acceptance of the application depends entirely on German immigration laws and permitting rules.